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We wanted to start our travel section locally, so we decided to give Atra a try last weekend, in order to have a Romanian start. Part of the reason we chose this place is because it’s quite popular, it’s not at the mountainside (so no freezing temps in March) and because the demand for it seems to be quite high (you need to book your weekend at least 3-4 weeks in advance).

What we knew about it beforehand?

  • stunning view
  • great architecture
  • gourmet food (to be honest, this is their most popular asset)

How it actually was?

It took us about an hour and a half to get there from Bucharest. About one km before we reached our destination, the road turned from decent asphalt to full off-road (no sign of asphalt in sight). You must take this into consideration, as nowhere on their official site is this mentioned and nor do they mention it when you book your weekend. Luckily, we took D‘s car as mine wouldn’t have been able to get us to our destination. The reason I think this is important is because this place is by no means on the cheap side and this is one important detail you need to know (this coming from a car-lover).

Once we got there (car intact and all), everything was way beyond expectation. The architecture of the entire place is amazing, the way nature hugs the building is exquisite (I’m an architecture junkie and D can confirm that I’m quite picky when it comes to it).

The rooms are average-sized, but, in my opinion, you don’t really need more space, and they are nicely decorated mostly with stuff from Mobexpert. Another fun thing about this place is that the rooms are not numbered, but they each have a color allocated, color that you can find in the decorative accents. What’s also really nice is that the view from each room is amazing. All in all, the architecture and the view are enough for me to want to come back over and over again to this lovely place…but, that’s only speaking for myself, as D needs good food in order for any place to be perfect (well, that goes for me too, but i actually need good soups, salads and a nice cheese-variety).

Getting to the gourmet part of the weekend, all i can say is OMG!!!! (yes, that’s highschoolish, but OMG!!!!) If you are a foodie, just like us, you need to give this place a try! I have no idea if the food was that good because most of the ingredients are sourced locally or because the chef is extremely skilled at combining sweet and savory, solid and liquid, and so on, all i know is that I’ve ate food this good  only in a few other places in Europe (stay tuned for more posts on that later on). Did i mention the local cheese??? If you’re a cheese lover (like me), than you just have to try the local cheese. 

Overall, not wanting this (first) post to become a travel diary, with ten pages of text, I’ll let you enjoy the photos we took there and really urge you to give this place a try! 


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3 thoughts on “Reset Weekend

  1. It’s nice to see this place. You’re helping us europeans to learn about your country! In Germany your Country is mostly known for vampires or thieves or gypsy or all together !
    You serve your Country this way !
    Thumbs up !

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